A lot of stress and challenge can arise from our careers and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased workplace stress dramatically. With more change and ambiguity than ever, many people are experiencing an increase in mental health concerns linked to their work.

     Not only is our career linked to survival in a financial sense, but a large chunk of our time and energy is spent in the workplace. We want this significant part of our lives to be positive. North American society in general and the culture of many families specifically tend to emphasize the importance of “what we do for a living” in terms of our perceived success.

     There can be an inner conflict between wanting to do work that is fulfilling and enjoyable and the need for survival and fulfilling the expectations of others as well as comparison to our peers.  

     Whether you are struggling with interpersonal challenges in the workplace, wanting to change jobs, have suffered a job loss and are looking to find new career opportunities, or looking for your first career move, workplace and career counselling can help you clear through the confusion and find your path forward.

     Workplace and career counselling has a special place in my heart as it leverages my 14 years of career support experience where I worked directly with employers and supporting individuals through workplace issues as well as career development and the career change process.

     If you are struggling with workplace and career issues, I invite you to connect with me.